Negotiate Your Dream Relocation Scenario


Negotiate Your Dream Relocation Scenario



Negotiating can be stressful. It requires self confidence and the belief in your ability to do great things. I believe in you. And I know your employer does, too. So have fun planning your negotiating strategy. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1)   Ask and you shall... You are highly valuable, so get ready to receive. After all this company is jumping through hoops to bring you on board. Brainstorm with your buddy or coach and create your wish list. Will you be flying your twin standard poodles across the Pacific? What about day care for the kids? From the practical to the quirky, put everything in writing then review it during a thorough conversation with your HR representative. You’d be surprised how willing your new employer will be to accommodate your unique needs. Aim high and expect a great outcome.

2)   Negotiate for your honey. If you’re a dual income family, consider your partner’s goals. Your company may have the means to help him secure a work visa, or provide training, job placement services, even a spousal stipend. Set a date night to design his working abroad plan, then map these requests into your comprehensive wish list that you’ll review with Human Resources.

3)  Get tax smart. Do you understand the tax implications for your move abroad? I suggest meeting with your current CPA to understand your options. They may not have all the answers with respect to your host country’s tax laws, so it may make sense to invest in a session with a respected tax firm abroad. Once you’ve got clarity on taxes, you’ll want to confirm everything with your employer. 

4)   Expect currency movement. Should markets change, you’ll want to be protected. If you’re heading into a country with especially volatile currency fluctuations, securing a guaranteed salary “value” in writing may be a good idea.

5)   Brainstorm a budget. Do you already know someone in your host country? If so, ask them to help you understand the average weekly budget. Do you plan on making ramen at home most nights, or will you be enjoying Japan’s finest restaurants once a week. Consider your current standard of living and guesstimate what it will cost to continue apace or even elevate your lifestyle, if that’s what you wish for this experience. This budget will inform all your negotiations with your employer.

Above all, have fun with the planning process and stay flexible once you land abroad. I wish for you to achieve every success you have your heart set on and much more. 

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