1-1 Portable Career VIP Coaching

1-1 Portable Career VIP Coaching

Do you tend to have a lot of questions? 

Are you someone that needs input from others and likes to make decisions in collaboration? 

Are there times when your ideas become jumbled, which causes you to feel paralyzed or stuck? 

If so, 1-1 Coaching is right for you.

1-1 VIP Coaching

In our bi-weekly sessions, I will be with you every step of the way to keep you on track and lead your focus, so we can laser in onto your best ideas and execute them.

 Often, my clients have a range of concerns, both on the business end, as well as navigating personal and relationship changes. 

As a Certified Life Coach and experienced Expat Coach, I bring you a holistic approach to building your portable career and an expatriate lifestyle you will love.

Conquer Expat Club private Facebook Group

You will gain access to my The Conquer Expat Club private Facebook Group where you can network with other likeminded expat spouses-turned-entrepreneurs. 

I will answer questions in the group and regularly appear live with new training and tips and to interact with you even after your package is complete.


In these 6-month packages, I’ll guide you to:

  • Clarify your marketable skills and turn them into a business
  • Construct your business online
  • Create your business’s Social Media presence
  • Cultivate your entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • Connect on a deeper level with new and old friends and family

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