This program is for the expat spouse struggling with the concept of financial dependency on her husband. For the woman wishing to strengthen her identity beyond wife of or mother of.

Together we will

Design a new vision

for your career abroad 

Focus on opportunities,

breaking through barriers

Increase your personal

confidence and courage

Get you taking action steps

to build your business abroad


Self Discovery &

Relationship Deep Dive


Individual Purpose

Partner Purpose & Direction


Confidence & Self Esteem

(optional session with spouse)


 Action Steps

Accountability & Quick Wins

5 Strategies to Find Friends While Living Abroad

$ 100 US/ per session
1 session
Work together to gain Clarity
What you want to accomplish abroad
$ 180 US/ month
Module 1-2
4 sessions x 60-min.
2 months
Strengths Test
$ 250 US/ month
Module 1 to 4
9 sessions x 60-min.
3 months
Unlimited Email
Strengths Test
$ 170 US/ month
Module 1 to 4
12 sessions x 60-min.
6 months
Unlimited Email & Text
Strengths Test
Abroad Progress Evaluation




NOT SURE IF               

THIS ABROAD PROGRAM                  

                           IS RIGHT FOR YOU?              





I would love to talk one on one  &

see if this Abroad Program is right for you!


That is why I offer a free 30-minute Clarity Call. 

This call is the first step in our coaching relationship but does not commit you to going any further. 

It is a wonderful chance to see if we are a good fit and if this Abroad Program is right for you!


Sara has a natural ability to listen. I emphasize "natural" because even if she makes an effort, we do not see it. And that's surprising. She helped me develop my ideas for my business abroad. She never made me feel any pressure or gave me any suggestion. I felt free to say, think, and deduce without being judged and without feeling that there were right or wrong ideas. At the end of each session, I was very satisfied, not because I had received some recommendations, but because I had been accompanied to conceive new ideas. And that, in my opinion, is the greatest gift a coaching professional can offer.

Rossana - Founder, Snow in Color - Italy

Testimonial Sara Ottoboni Jenni

I want to thank you for your professional coaching.  Your incredible and insightful coaching skills have allowed me to find my own answers for the direction of my business, and my professional growth abroad.  You have a gift for asking questions that cut to the heart of whatever issue we’re working on.  I hired you to help me define my new business strategy abroad and your masterful guidance helped me bring my own answers to the surface and develop a plan beyond my imagination! Wow!  Thank you Sara! Without your powerful questions, I would still be stuck!

Jenni - CEO, J-Hubby Consulting, USA

Testimonial Sara Ottoboni Marie Lou

Sara, you were able to show me my strengths and successes, just as a mirror would reflect my good side. It feels good and it makes you think about the perception of self is when you have the tendency to bang on the head at the slightest mistake. You've shown me lots of doors when I saw only walls, making me appreciate for the first time all the inspiration inside me and the multitude of ideas that I could use to transform my professional life abroad. You made me realize that being out of my comfort zone could bring me greater satisfaction and greater pride than to dwell in my reassuring routine. Thank you for showing me the way.

Marie Lou - Executive Director, Brunet - Canada