What Expat Spouses Really Want

What Expat Spouses Really Want


Enjoy your free time, now that you have it. Enroll in a painting class or a yoga class. Join some networking activities. Visit a museum or art gallery. Take language courses and/or study for a certification. You finally have the time to do what you have always wanted. Go enjoy your life! Have you ever heard these affirmations? I have many times.


People don’t know what an expat spouse really wants. People gently offer suggestions but they don’t understand our situation.


What expat spouses really want is to work abroad. 


As an expat spouse, you want to be financially independent again. You wish for a fulfilled life abroad, like the one you had before leaving home. Expat spouses like working. For the expat spouse, when you work, you feel appreciated. You use your intellect, you improve your personal and professional skills. As a non-working spouse at home, you miss all these gratifications.


Unfortunately, lack of employment opportunity abroad, difficulty in obtaining work permits, foreign language, licensing, and certification symbolize our career enemies. I know. I’ve dealt with these things regularly in my expat life.


So, how can you change your career situation?


All depends on you. You have the capacity and support to overcome these obstacles. You have the ability to see opportunities where other people see difficulties. A great example is your moving. When you left your country, you chose a different game from your family, friends and colleagues. Right? Why not keep doing things differently in your career abroad?


If you want to discuss about how to play a different game in your career abroad, let’s talk.


I always enjoy spending time with expats spouses to identify new game strategies. So, book an FREE ABROAD CLARITY CALL with me right now. 


We’ll set your expatriation journey on the right course and move you toward financial freedom. 


Please know there is zero commitment for you to go any further than this call.