The Myth of Expat Spouses Employment Assistance

The Myth of Expat Spouses Employment Assistance


As you know, expatriate assignment failure usually results from problems with the family adjusting, in particular the traveling spouse’s dissatisfaction about being unemployed. Now more than ever, these spouses are leaving professional careers and are college-educated, and this is a real sacrifice being made so the other spouse can work overseas.


Most companies that try to solve this problem offer employer-provided employment assistance to the expat spouse. This tool is generally accepted as the way to prevent international assignees returning to their home counties early.


However, offering this assistance seems to make no difference in whether expat employees complete their contracts. Based on several different studies, of the total expat population, less than 20% of the spouses received employer-provided employment assistance. Surprisingly, there was no difference in contract fulfillment between the 20% of spouses who received such assistance and the rest who did not.


So, what’s still going wrong with that 20%? Why should a company promote employer-provided employment assistance if it doesn’t make a real impact on preventing premature repatriation? Don’t cancel your spouse employment assistance if you offer it, but do keep reading.


The answer is simple. Expat spouses need full support. Helping in finding a job is a good start, but it is not enough. These spouses need a holistic solution that looks at all aspects of their problems and addresses them in a unified fashion. These spouses also need help settling into the new city, country, and culture.


Expat spouses need a detailed expat plan customized to their unique needs, with ongoing support. Employers should provide not only an Expat Spouses Employment Assistance, but also a full accompanying expat spouses plan with professional guidance.


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