Living Abroad: Why Not Turn Your Hobby Into A Business?

Living Abroad: Why Not Turn Your Hobby Into A Business?


People who leave their home country often face challenges abroad, like fewer work opportunities, difficulty in obtaining work permits, and foreign language or licensing hurdles. These can be a drain on one’s finances, and emotional health.

I say this is the perfect time to turn your hobby into a thriving business!

Each day we hear stories of mom-preneurs launching successful cottage business, or burned out execs living a new dream through their side hustle. Pivoting your hobby into your business is a great way to refresh your purpose and mission.

Financial independence is a priority for most people who live abroad. Earning income is fulfilling. It helps us contribute to something bigger than ourself and feel appreciated. Plus, it’s important to keep using our intellect, while honing personal and professional skills.

Whenever I kick off a coaching session with a new client, this topic typically tops the list.

Below, I’m sharing tips to help you determine whether you can make your hobby your new business abroad.


A) How committed are you? 

Up to now, your hobby’s been a great outlet for relaxation. But what if it requires more of your time … if it becomes your daily work. This comes with deadlines, and bigger commitments and engagements.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your commitment level?


B) Skillset reality check.

Have you got marketing, sales and customer service chops? Some of us are naturals in dealing with customers. But for others, selling and helping customers is simply too much—it drains our reserves. Remember, there might be expectations of you beyond just making the sale.

Will your business involve a) selling b) marketing or c) customer service or all three? Which jobs will you do and which will you need to hire a salesperson to do?


C) Do you have a mind for business?

It’s one thing to your wares at a craft fair, but another to launch a holistic business. A business plan is key.

Take a day to round out your business plan : start up costs, timeline, managing production, inventory, marketing, sales and accounting. Don’t forget to map the weekly hours this will take from your own schedule.


D) Is your business portable?

“Portability” is your new mantra. Please verify that your business is portable. You’re on the move, part of the new economy and your business must travel wherever you go. Check out my latest post on portability here.

Shifting your hobby into a full-time, well-paying gig is a dream for many. But I say give it your all. I believe you can do it! Make sure to thoughtfully answer these questions and call me if you get stuck. I’d love to brainstorm with you!

XO Sara