THE Question Nobody Asks Before Moving

 THE Question Nobody Asks Before Moving

Millions of questions arise once we decide to move abroad. Typically they’re all around logistics and technical stuff … career, family, housing, school, financials and taxes. Indeed, I always help my clients find solutions to these challenges, but there’s one question at the root of it all that most people overlook.

Ninety nine percent of people don’t ask themselves, “Why do I want to move? Am I moving to experience something new or am I running away?"

The answer can completely change your experience abroad.

If you’re seeking adventure or new experiences: great. As international student, expat spouse and coach, I completely support this kind of experience. Get your bags packed!

On the other hand, if you’re completely honest with yourself and know you’re running from something, I want to gently remind you that we can never fly far enough away from ourselves to escape what’s unresolved within. Feelings Travel, Too.

If you’re trying to escape a sticky situation or avoid dealing with your feelings, I can assure you those feelings and issues will accompany you to your new country.

I know running away from your problems can feel empowering at first. One of my moves was to run from an unending problem. At first after my move, I felt free and unburdened, but that was short-lived. It wasn’t until I admitted to myself the real reason why I left Italy: the life I was living on the outside clearly did not match who I was on the inside.

True, changing your environment can be an excellent way to freshen your life. But please be honest with yourself as to whether you’re making a powerful choice to do the latter or fleeing to escape.

Now, why are you moving? Being crystal clear about your reason is crucial to opening abundant possibilities for success overseas.

If you’d like help sorting through it all, do schedule a free call with me. There’s zero commitment. I’d love to help you make the right decision.


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