Global Companies Are Wooing International Talent Like Never Before – The Challenge is Offering a Relocation Program That Gets Them to Stay


Global Companies Are Wooing International Talent  Like Never Before


 The Challenge is Offering a Relocation Program That Gets Them to Stay


In today’s global workforce, companies know well the challenges that international hires will face when relocating to a new country. Therefore most companies offer their international talent pre-relocation support in the form of a coaching program.

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to drive retention. More than 30% of international talents don’t complete their assignments and repatriate early.

Clearly, it’s time to upgrade the status quo International Talents Relocation Program. Companies can easily do more to improve the readiness and self-confidence of the international talents who are about to join their team.

Here are a couple ideas:


Arrival Support

During the first three months of transition, offer high touch coaching to assist new International Talents and their families with seamless integration into their new environment abroad. With cutting-edge coaching techniques for a mobile lifestyle, International Talents enhance their productivity and self-confidence.

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Repatriation Support

When International Talents return home, coaching support can be a tremendous asset. These end-of-assignment needs are often underestimated.

Consider that unhappiness is behind most uncompleted expat assignments. It can be incredibly tough for families to adjust to a new environment. And current International Talents Relocation Programs could do much more to address the problem.


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