Have you ever felt like a prisoner in your own life?

Frustrated by a perceived lack of choice and missing your old support network?

 In 2015, I felt this way almost daily. My husband’s job had brought us to the United States from Montreal, where I had been a dynamic career woman with a demanding career and amazing friends. My heart sank arriving in LAX. The flight symbolized the loss of my personal power and my raison d'être: the reason I woke up every morning.

I stayed inside. I felt disempowered not contributing to family finances.

Our marriage suffered.

I needed a big change.


Curious about coaching, I became a certified coach and became my own client. Expats face unique challenges, and my mentors helped me change my thinking.

While I may not have chosen my new country, circumstance could not limit my mind, creativity, and spirit. Abundant possibility became my new mantra.

Today, having thrived in five countries, I’ve helped many people who felt just like you do. You don’t have to go back home.

I can help you regain your sense of purpose so you can be happy and productive in your host country. I speak English, French, and Italian. Let’s talk and find the right next steps for you.

--With love, Sara

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3 Favorite books : Alchemist, Rising strong, Lean in

Personal values: respect, transparency & support

I speak 3 languages: Italian, my native language, French and English

Master Degree - International relations - University of Montreal, Canada

I visited 3 continents: Europe, America and Asia

I have clients around the world