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Create Your Portable Career while living abroad


As an Expat Spouse, you know that along with the amazing opportunities to travel,

experience new cultures, and support your partner’s career, you’ve had to give up some things…

…like your professional identity, career, and financial independence.

If you could have both, would you want to know how?


What if you can create a Portable Career you can take wherever your partner’s job goes and build into it the flexibility you need to make the most out of your expatriate experience?

I can help you do all this and more. Ready to get started?




Giving up your career is probably taking a toll on your relationship as you sink into the routine of your expat assignment and are watching your partner and children flourish while you get mani-pedis and do yoga.


If you do have a job in your host country, it’s likely beneath your skillset, and in any case, you’ll have to leave it behind and start over again at the next posting. 

It’s hard for you to ever really get ahead.


You feel that you’re not making the biggest impact that you could be, and that hurts. You want to be in control of your career and finances and do the work the world needs you to do.


Learn the skills you need to create your Portable Career and build the lifestyle of your dreams. Find Out More.


Get the help you need to stay accountable to your goal to make your online business a success. 

Let’s customize your expat entrepreneurial lifestyle together.